Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pinkshinyultrablast - Happy Songs For Happy Zombies

Happy Songs for Happy Zombies
1. Blaster
2. Deerland
3. Honeybee
4. Ode to Godzilla


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Abramelin - Abramelin (1996)

1. Misfortune
2. Grave Ideals (Nekromaniac)
3. Spiritual Justice
4. Humble Abode
5. Stargazer (The Summoning)
6. Stargazing (Stargazer II)
7. Depraved Afterlife
8. Invocation
9. Cantara (Dead Can Dance Cover)

Death Metal

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Straasha/Numenor Split (2002)

1. Chapter I: A Revelation Beyond Dream
2. Interval
3. Chapter II: ...Drawing Near the Quest
4. Chapter III: Farewell to the World
5. Chapter IV: The Lonely Wandering
6. Chapter V: The Great Battle of Elements
7. The End

8. A Journey of Honour
9. Allegiance to the Dark Spirit of Elements
10. Engulfed in Eternal Majesty
11. A Cosmic Revelation

Black Metal

Mediafire Link Here

Unfortunately every version on the net of this album (that i can find), has track 10 missing. If someone comes across a complete .rar of this please let me know.